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Registered Cars

Carl Hoard II
Carl Hoard II, Emeryville CA
Gary Edwards
Gary Edwards, Medford OR
Pat Kaye
Pat Kaye, Novato CA
Norman Nelson
Norman Nelson, Shasta CA
Mary Wood
Mary Wood, West Linn OR
Richard Hassel
Richard Hassel, San Jose CA
Lauryn Taylor
Lauryn Taylor, San Mateo CA
Jesse Nelson
Jesse Nelson, Shasta CA
Bruce Wood
Bruce Wood, West Linn OR
Ina Engel
Ina Engel, Mukilteo WA
Michael Prezbindowski
Michael Prezbindowski, Seattle WA
Rhonda Hull
Rhonda Hull, Happy Valley OR
Becki New
Becki New, Lacey WA
Kristina Alley
Kristina Alley, Sacramento CA
Roger Ferguson
Roger Ferguson, Portland OR
Terry Hogan
Terry Hogan, Victoria BC
Michael Shaffer
Michael Shaffer, Lakewood WA
Mike Smith
Mike Smith, Victoria BC
Douglas Bennett
Douglas Bennett, Modesto CA
Craig House
Craig House, Oro Valley AZ
Jennifer Dempsey
Jennifer Dempsey, Puyallup WA
Richard Thomas
Richard Thomas, North Vancouver BC
Bonnie Alice Cooper
Bonnie Alice Cooper, Depoe Bay OR
Kenn Lively
Kenn Lively, Denver CO
Todd Groce
Todd Groce, Puyallup WA
John Quilter
John Quilter, Eugene OR
George Olson
George Olson, Beaverton OR
Don Dixon
Don Dixon, Seattle WA
Margaret Barrow
Margaret Barrow, Livermore CA
Bill Beeler
Bill Beeler, Portland OR
Jim Younkins
Jim Younkins, Olympia WA
Kathryn Kennington
Kathryn Kennington, La Grande OR
Michael James Long
Michael James Long, Eugene OR
Simon Willis
Simon Willis, Beaverton OR
Zee Ghanimian
Zee Ghanimian, Sherman Oaks CA
Eric Newland
Eric Newland, Portland OR
John DeJarnatt
John DeJarnatt, Salem OR
Linda Joneli
Linda Joneli, Crooked River Ranch OR
Steve Joneli
Steve Joneli, Crooked River Ranch OR
Mike Krause
Mike Krause, Maple Ridge BC
Raymond Moore
Raymond Moore, Garden Grove CA
Neil Addis
Neil Addis, Burien WA
Deanna Kitchener
Deanna Kitchener, Mission BC
Nolan Kitchener
Nolan Kitchener, Mission BC
Dennis Racine
Dennis Racine, Grass Valley CA
Nolan Randall
Nolan Randall, Redding CA
Jerry Birch
Jerry Birch, Kennewick WA
Mike Kimball
Mike Kimball, Sacramento CA
George Hewitt
George Hewitt, Napa CA
James Dalke
James Dalke, Ferintosh AB
Jeff Drago
Jeff Drago, Woodland WA
Marcel Chichak
Marcel Chichak, Edmonton AB
Marcel Chichak
Marcel Chichak, Edmonton AB
Murray O'Shea
Murray O'Shea, Calgary AB
Peter Larsen
Peter Larsen, Vashon Island WA
Randall Corey
Randall Corey, Portland OR
Teri Sullivan
Teri Sullivan, Portland OR
John Wells
John Wells, University Place WA
Dan Sauve
Dan Sauve, Portland OR
Josh Walworth
Josh Walworth, Springfield OR
Jeff Munsey
Jeff Munsey, Albany OR
Jon Small
Jon Small, Tucson AZ
Gary Hanson
Gary Hanson, Meridian ID
Brian Slominski
Brian Slominski, Seattle WA
Jeremy Higgs
Jeremy Higgs, Pitt Meadows BC
Rick Higgs
Rick Higgs, Pitt Meadows BC
Carl Barfield
Carl Barfield, Allyn WA
Howard Canfield
Howard Canfield, Lincoln CA
Steve Alexander
Steve Alexander, Costa Mesa CA
Doran Hays
Doran Hays, Keizer OR
Chuck Heleker
Chuck Heleker, Seattle WA
Doug Bingham
Doug Bingham, Burien WA
Todd Lemke
Todd Lemke, Lakeside CA
Russ Hansen
Russ Hansen, Billings MT
Ron Carignan
Ron Carignan, Olympia WA
Graham Reid
Graham Reid, Costa Mesa CA
Jim Wellington
Jim & Mary Wellington, Newbury Park CA
Nicholas Upton
Nicholas Upton, Woodland CA
Jeremy Thorpe
Jeremy Thorpe, Happy Valley OR
John Becker
John Becker, Victoria BC
Kat Hsueh
Kat Hsueh, San Jose CA


Shine and Show

The Shine & Show is for every car that comes to Mini Meet West. It’s not a Concours for every-bolt-correct cars, but rather a People’s Choice vote for cars in each of the classes.

A car that’s shown In-Progress will be just as interesting to Mini folks as a daily driver or a just-completed new paint job. This is also a chance for everyone to see all the cars that have come to the event, meet all the fellow attendees, kick tires, tell stories, laugh at funny license plates, and then be ready for the Group Photo, which will be immediately after the Shine & Show. It’s free and open to all, so don’t miss it.

Classes Classic Minis
C1 Sedan – Sliding Window
C2 Sedan – Roll up Windows
C3 Wagon & Estate
C4 Van & Pickup
C5 Moke
C6 Cabriolet, Riley Elf, Wolseley Hornet, Innocenti or other variant
C7 Classic Mini Custom, Modified
C8 Classic Mini Competition
Classes New MINIs
N1 MC/MCS Coupe
N2 MC/MCS Convertible
N3 MC/MCS Variants



Mini Meet West 2013 Autocross Schedule and Information


Great Northwest Funkhana

Putting more Fun into Funkhana. Not just another autocross with a few distracting activities slowing you down. It’s a jolly good test of drivers’ and navigators’ skill and sense of humor navigating our special course of wacky activities based on unique aspects of Pacific Northwest life. Meet the challenging tasks of saving the environment, driving like a native, lampooning the lifestyle, and more.

Scoring is a combination of elapsed time, and accuracy in performing the tasks. There are separate classes, with awards, for different styles of Minis.

It is a low-speed, light-hearted competition. Each team, composed of a driver and passenger, must complete tasks —  centered around a theme — that involve car handling, teamwork and especially a sense of humor.  The event is good-natured, and not hard on the cars. The team might be squeezing into a tight parking spot, balancing on a huge teeter-totter, playing ring toss with a fan belt, or preparing a faux meal of fish and chips (some or none of these specific activities may be part of MMW2013 Great Northwest Funkhana). By including an element of luck, everyone has a good chance of winning.

* If you are not familiar with “Funkhana”, think of it as a parking lot game for sports cars.



Information Coming Soon!


Other Local Attractions

Oregon Mini Society and Mini Meet West have no affiliation with these attractions and is not responsible for anything related to these attractions.

Mini Cooper ORP Track Day – Friday, June 21, 2013